The Short End

by James Thompson






Rants and News


Man, its been forever... and unfortunately it'll be forever still. Sorry folks. I live in another country now filled with many magical and wonderful things... besides home internet and a scanner. Currently I am trying to work through or around these problems but even so, my time is at the moment dedicated to finding a job and once I have an idea of a solid schedule then I can devote time to the comic again. The fans have called and I just want you all to know that you are not forgotten. In the meantime, stop by my Deviantart page and have a little peak. The Short Ends 1 year anniversary is just next month and I give you my solemn vow that there WILL be a comic on that day, Whether its just a single special one to commemorate the day of a year (well... almost) of comics. Or perhaps if we are all fortunate, it will also stand for the day the TSE will be up and running regularly again. Only time and Miss Cleo will tell. Until then, umm... cant think of a good signoff here... Just go enjoy a Pina Colada and get caught in the rain. (No, that was pathetic). Uhhh... hmmm... goddammit whats wrong with me! I used to be funny, or at least deluded enough to think I was. Oh well, see ya round.


Okay people, here's the thing. I just do NOT have the time to do the comics right now. As it so happens, I am partaking a major life move which is snatching up all of my time as well as working for 10+ hours a day. I do however love this comic and ending it is the last thing on my mind, no matter how hard I delude myself I cannot escape the reality that theres gonna be a little hiatus. May last a week, may last a month, may only last another day. Who knows. But please know that I have not given up on this comic and I humbly ask you all to do the same. Thanks for reading thus far and many more thanks for reading in the future.


Alright, update time. Well, in case you haven't notice (and if your haven't then stop reading so you do not become aware and lose faith) the comic has been goin through some hard times. Late updates and the like. I would like to make excuses, but plain and simple, the reason is because I went out and got me a life. But as it turns out my work schedule has changed so I see myself with more time to work on the comic so with hope it will return to its former glory of on time and consistent updates. If not... well... instead of being pissed off at me, you should all be overjoyed that I have an actual social life that goes beyond sitting home in front of my computer. So, I now present to you the two missing comics from last Thursday and Friday and also my solemn assurance that a new comic will be ready and waiting for you all tomorrow at the normal update time. And now, if you all will excuse me, my work is done so I'm gonna go out and get drunk now with pretty girls. See ya later ^_^


Hmmm... it appears that I'm falling into the habit of late Monday updates. For shame on myself. I have dishonored my family name. I will now perform Seppuku on myself. Hrrrgggagh...Geeeh......YYRaaaghhhrr......pleh.


Ahah, you see, I told you I would work my fingers to the bone and give you comics today. And I bet you didn't believe me either. Oh yee of little faith. Ok, I'm gonna make this real short cuz its 3am and me need sleep. So here's your comics. Enjoy.


Okay, so here's the thing. What had happened was this. I got lazy. I didn't feel like doing anything. So I procrastinated on today's comic until the very last possible second. But I did do it. It is done. Procrastination does work! But then I ran into somewhat of a dilemma. You see, just as I was about to ink today's strip, I realized the horrifying truth that my inking pen was dry. And said pen was my last one. Sure the smart thing would have been to have extras, but let me ask you this. Do you pay for my art supplies to produce this comic? Oh, you don't? Then sheddep. No inking pen means no inked drawings. No inked drawings means no scanned and completed comics. So today as I must go into town for work, I will be purchasing some new pens and I should be coming home and inking till my fingers fall off so that you all will have quality updated comics.


Hey there everybody. Yes I know it been a while. I have been neglecting my poor rants section. Bad Bad Jimmy. Eh, what can I say, I'm busy. But as busy as I get, you can always depend on the weekday comic updates. Especially now because I finally have my new COMPUTER!!! :D YEAH! GIVE IT UP! So yeah, whats happened around here? Nothin much. I come to the realization that this site isn't cutting it with its basic style. I'm gonna need to create archive pages for the comics and the rants and make the whole thing nicer to the eye in general. So in the spirit of Xmas, I will temporarily change the colors to those of more festive. Oh, and by the way. There will be a special Christmas Spread tomorrow (Special cuz it's a Sunday and I don't usually do stuff for the weekend so be grateful :P).


Whooooo yeah! How you like them apples! I did it! I actually did it! I was almost two months behind and I got it all back up tp date, in 6 days no less. An on the seventh day I shall rest... and the eighth, and the nineth and I think all the way up to the one hundreth. I'm sorry people but I am really tired now. I think there may actually be a hiatus so that I can rest from catching up to my hiatus. Maybe I'm just doomed to be on a propetual cycle of hiatus just to inhumanly throw myself into the work again and again. It is my gift... it is my curse. Who am I? I'm Online Comic Man. You see how tired I am? That was funny to me! Anyway, the comics back up to date and will coninue to do so for the foreseeable future. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let yall know, until then, just kick back, read a few, and lets pretend this whole mess never happened. See ya round.


Holy Shnikey what the hell is that? Can it be? Yes it is. New updates. I'm started to get back on track now. With any luck, fingers crossed, I'll be back up to date over the weekend. Like to say more but I have that constant annoyance of a job to go to right now. So in short, thank for reading and keep on commin back.


No, I havent forgotten about this comic. It just seems that everything in the cosmos is keeping me away from continuing. I still don't have a new comp yet and am workin from my roomates, but I cant seem to get photoshop or even my scanner to work on it. Once I actually get those two up and running then I'll probably be fighting with my Comic Program. Also, ive been using a new FTP program on this comp and of course, its now expired so now I have to get a serial number for that as well. I know it seems hopeless but I will continue this comic. This weekend I plan to really roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty to fix this thing. Until then, I figured that anyone who still frequents this site deserves 'something' so I figured I'd give yall a link to my page on Deviantart. Are you ready? Here it is...



Well, its September, and as you can see the comic has not been updated. Please join me in screaming a loud and ferverent F**K! so, no comics fort the forseeable future, possibly not till the end of the month, but don't think I'm taking this time off as a break. I'm still producing comics at my regular rate (or at least drawing them since I have no way to edit them on the comp). In the meantime, I will try to regale you with my impecable wit and boyish charm. (its funny how I write these updates with grand delusions that I actually have a fanbase of more than I can count on one hand). Oh, and one more thing. I'm not an evil ogre or something. You can contact me through the email link that I so tirelessly put up with my ametuer html skills. Appreciate me, LOVE ME! Pappa used to say he loved me... but only when he was drunk and tried to touch my special area. I'd sit on his lap and he'd give me a dollar, it was a good thing. If I sit on your lap, will you email me? :( please?
(p.s. that whole father thing was made up, but is my low sense of self worth and feelings of underapreciation? The world may never know?)


Yall aint gonna believe this. First my scanner gets busted and now my comp. 3 yrs I've had that thing and now it up and leaves me in my most dire time of need. Its never given me any problems before but then it just quits because of one lil fall to the ground. (okay, make 5 or 6 lil falls but it died on the last one) So, sorry to say, I don't know when I'm getting a new comp and therefore the comic MIGHT be on a little hiatus. I have uploaded until the end of this months (3 more days, wow James) but after that, I have no idea whats goin on. Hopefully I can get some other completed comics off my hardrive and keep this site going without a hitch, but I don't know how well that's gonna turn out. At the latest I should have my new compby the end of September and should I not have updated this site in the meantime, then I will post them all at once concurently with the dates they should have been displayed on so that any newcomers to the site will never know the difference. (aint I sneaky) Anyway, this sucks. I've been daily updateing for the past to months without missing a single mark and now my comics gonna be screwed because of technical difficulties. (can I say screwed on the main page? Sure I can.) Well, if and in the absence of the comic, I hope you all don't give The Short End the long finger and cut it off your comics list. The saga WILL continue. On all things holy and just and just and plain awesome, I swear to you this. Good bye for now... and god (or some other higher deity to your preference or none there of) help us all.


Hey all, haven't updated in a while. Just been kinda busy. Hey back up of me, you don't know what goes down in my life. I give you comics everyday, isn't that enough. What do you want from me, my soul? My immortal SOUL! Ahem.. sorry bout that. Anyway, I got my new scanner. When I bout it I didn't know it needed its own separate power supply. That really sucked. But I gotta admit, it does scan at a much better quality and the surfaced scan area is a little bigger too. And I suppose that's it for not. Keep reading folks. The saga continues.


Waaaaaah!!! It's DEAD! I killed it! Oh dear God I'm a murderer! Okay, heres what happened. Sometime this weekend gone I had to reach down the side of my bed to grab something and ever so carelessly I stepped on my scanner at the foot of my bed in the process. (yes, I know it's a stupid place to keep a scanner but I do most of my work lying naked in bed eating cheese puffs with a warm 2 litre bottle of coke.) anyway, I thought I heard a crunch, but when I looked down at my scanner it looked fine. Last night I wanted to scan something only to find that the glass inside of it was completely shattered. It was one of those silent gawking double take moments where I even closed the lid and opened it again hoping it would be fixed. Well, long story short, my scanner is busted and despite my valiant efforts to save it and a great abundance of duct tape, she had to be put out to pasture. So now I have to go get a new scanner. Yay, I love spending money I don't have. Don't worry though, I should be able to get one before next week and I do have enough comics uploaded to last till then so the daily updates will continue without obstruction. My many fans need not panic, that's right, all three of you.


Just making a few changes. The site is far from perfect and I am far from an html genius. So far I've lasted over two weeks with daily updates. Hurray for me! I'm gonna need an archives page pretty soon. Still some of the links don't work right so I'll either be fixin em or getting rid of em altogether in the heat of agrivated rage. Also, the artwork of the comic will be changing slightly (still finding my nix) to a sort of simpler yet more detailed format. Don't really know how to explain it but just trust me that it's gonna look better. Still go other things to work on like banners and what not, but all in do time.


Hey all, and welcome to my online comic, The Short End. Well, I am totally psyched to say the least. I've wanted to put up this comic for a while and only now do I finally have the time to do it... I think. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read. I will do my best to update five days a week but I can give you a three day weekly guarantee. The comics I produce are strongly based on my life so as long as I am alive then I'll always have material. When you finally get to the comic where I am sitting around and scratching myself then you will know that my life has hit an all time low. But until then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the comic.

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